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Notable Works

Ok, so boom! Let's kick this shit off right lol. These are some of the editorial works that I've been a part of over the years. Some I've creative directed and some I've just done GFX work on, and some I've done both. Its been a personal honor for me to be a part of each project. To this day I still do creative direction and GFX work for a select number of projects, if not my own, and I've gotten to work with a lot of amazing people and some of them you might know. Design for me is its own process and I try to get a little more versatile with every project I create. So without further ado here are my notable works.

Here are the people in this portfolio so far: Mila J Ian Thomas Angela Yee King Bach K Camp Bow Wow/Shad Moss Cierra Ramirez Lore'l Christian Delgrosso Tinashe Milana Vayntrub Amanda Cerny Keshia Chanté

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