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Volume 1

Oh, F*ck Yes! pardon me but I'm so excited to introduce the first volume of my NFT collections, this one is special because it's my first time so be gentle...with my NFTs of course :)

Vol2 Coming Soon

If you like the first volume well just wait until you see this one. You might throw up from excitement or not, but im hoping you do

Vol3 Coming Soon

Oh! Volume 3 is gonna be super trippy, idk why yet though but I have a good feeling about it, dont quote me on this tho and don't shit yourself when you see it

Hey There!

I'm Bagio-White and welcome to my site, I design shit, No for real!! any hopefully I dont dissapoint. Oh! and DO NOT! click that button belowI did have a button here, but you can only see it on a desktop

See! you should have listened, now you owe me a dollar.

But Seriously, Thanks for stopping by.

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