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Who Am I?

well judging from my name plastered everywhere, im BAGIO-WHITE, and i'm a graphic Designer/Creative Director, and I fight crime on the side but your not ready for that story

Why NFT art?

Honestly, I just got here lol I'm just now understanding it myself, this whole community and crypto space is so fucking cool. I've been doing freestyle digital art for god knows how long, I just now realize the market for it. I'm still trying to understand it all so please bear with me hehe. I'm just here to put my stank in this NFT space and all are welcome to buy, collect, trade, I don't fucking care just buy my work.

Why should I buy your Art?

Well, I'm offended by that question, ok first I try to give you the best creativity that I have in this crazy head of mine, and second, idk they're kinda cool lol. Art is an experience so I want everyone who glances or collects my art to come on this ride with me, hopefully, these pieces can be worth something extraordinary but for now, I just want you all to experience my art alongside myself.

What am I getting and what is the physical token?

you're owning your very own piece of my artwork, which is more so awesome because every piece is 1:1 so if bought you are this sole owner of that artwork, authenticated and verified on the blockchain, that is if you decide to resell it the same essentially applies to the next owner. Each piece comes with a serial number which can be used to register and claim your physical NTF on this site. On each of the respective Art pages, if you are the owner of the piece then, your name and photo will be populated on the art's page, don't worry you can use an alias if you like, it's up to you. So the physical token is really dope, this really dope digital artist BEEPLE started this, at least that I know of, I think the entire concept was cool.
the physical tokens are instant-on (magnetized off) digital screens displaying the token with a QR code linking to this site displaying additional information and owner information (optional). Physical Token Details • charge through USB-Mini B (charge lasts around 3 hours) • Display is instant-on (Magnetize-off) with no interface and the video cannot be changed • Signed and numbered holographic certificate on the token. • Dope packaging • No hair sample, that's crazy lol


ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I FORBID IT!! Nah I'm just playing lol you can do whatever you want, it's your art now essentially. However I will say this both the NFT and physical token are two halves that make them whole together, so selling one separate from the other will potentially devalue its worth, and I don't know about you but I wouldn't want half of an art piece right?

As an owner do I have to show my name and picture?

It's is completely up to you, what information you want to show on the NFT info page, you can even call yourself Captain Crunch if you want lol. No nudity or anything inappropriate is allowed don't be lewd -__- but be creative and put some stank on it lol

So Whats Up with your name? its italian but your not

My father loved soccer and one of his favorite soccer player's team won Fifa that year so yeah, he knew what had to be done and the rest is pretty much self expanitory






Hey There!

I'm Bagio-White and welcome to my site, I design shit, No for real!! any hopefully I dont dissapoint. Oh! and DO NOT! click that button belowI did have a button here, but you can only see it on a desktop

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